Brooke Reeves Director of Programs

Brooke Reeves
Director of Programs

Brooke Reeves was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, giving her a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the area and it's youth. Having grown up and involved in many activities from student government to competing sports, she understands the need for all children to have a sense of belonging. Brooke believes that when you are surrounded by individuals whether it is family, peers at school or in the community who make you feel safe and loved is an integral part of the growing process. Brooke graduated from Western Washington University with a degree is Management Information Systems and has been in the software industry for the last 11 years. She is currently a Senior Software developer at Reliance Network where she heads up a team of programmers while contributing to the overall product development of the company. Brooke’s position on the Board of Directors is a way for her to be involved with children who desperately need the support of the community and fulfill a personal desire to volunteer and give back.             Brooke’s skills in business and technology make her a great asset to The F-factor.

Mēgan Hooker Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Mēgan Hooker
Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Mēgan has an ever growing interest in volunteer work and a passion for fashion, which makes The F-factor a natural fit. Mēgan’s family is spread from Alaska to Colorado to Australia and it is important for her to be involved in the community. The F-factor gives her a sense of belonging in a city whose foster children need support. Mēgan has been involved with The F-factor on the periphery for some time and is now pleased to be an official board member. She works for Takeda Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Sales Representative. Mēgan enjoys being a fashionista, snowboarding, theater, traveling and living an active lifestyle. She lived in Japan for one year and is fluent in the Japanese language.


Cassondra Copeland Director of Programming

Cassondra Copeland
Director of Programming

Cassondra is a Pacific Northwest native who started with The F-factor as a donor and volunteer, becoming more involved in 2013 as a member of the Board of Directors. Having moved over 25 times in her life before she graduated from high school, Cassondra understands how difficult constant social and family circle transition can be in a child's life. For this reason, she is passionate about working with The F-factor and children who have endured an inordinate amount of instability in their young lives. Cassondra graduated from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business. She works for, where she can fulfill her love of technology and "all things geek." Outside of work she is a passionate foodie and auto enthusiast who loves reading, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

Vivian Konstantakos Director

Vivian Konstantakos

Vivian moved from Greece to the United States pursuing a career in sports medicine with a focus in rehabilitation, graduating with a Bachelors degree from Arizona State University.  Vivian is passionate about Tango dancing and is also an instructor in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.  Her vibrant energy is an asset to the organization.  Beginning as a donor and sponsor of The F-factor, Vivian has shown exceptional support leading up to her position as a member of the Board of Directors.  Outside of Tango, Vivian enjoys climbing, running, cooking, and traveling.