New Year!

It's the start of a new year!

We were able to fulfill the wish lists of 40 foster kids, so they were able to have the Christmas they deserved. Everyone should have the chance to get one thing on their Christmas wish list, and we were able to do that for these foster kids. Even though it was Christmas, we were still working hard to play the role of Santa, and deliver presents to these children.

Outstanding youth citizens include Cayden (10) and Catalina (7) Cole who hosted a hot chocolate stand in their neighborhood, to raise money for foster children.  Needing no encouragement from their parents, it was their idea to do something for other kids and they did it well!  Raising over $75 in hot chocolate sales Catalina and Cayden know how important it is to support foster children, their mom was a foster child!  Way to go Cayden and Catalina!

We are hoping to expand our reach in the community, and try to get more people involved with The F-factor this year. We have some exciting events planned for 2014 and we can not wait to get started. 

A big thank you to everyone who supported us last year, and we wish you a happy New Years!

-The F-factor